Why Does God Allow Evil?

Thu, 03/03/2011 - 11:42 -- Joyce Long

“…by one man sin entered into the world…” Romans 5:12

Evil is not God’s fault. If it were, repentance would be ridiculous and punishment unjust. Adam and Eve’s choice to disobey God brought about sin. Since then mankind has been adding to that evil by making many more wrong choices. Present conditions on earth are due to the curse. The curse is a consequence of man’s choice to sin. We are ill affected by our sins and the sins of others and the evil that exists. Bad things happen to us again and again. Why doesn’t God step in and stop evil? Evil remains because God made man will a free will. Without a free will we would be puppets. God wants our love for Him to be a choice, not something he receives by pulling a string. Having people choose to love him is more important to God than the absence of evil. He chooses not to use his super-natural power to wipe out all evil because it would eliminate man’s will to choose and would destroy the love relationship he desires most.

At the time of the flood, God stepped in and got rid of evil and he will do it again when he destroys the earth with fire. But until then, man will be allowed to exercise his free will.

God sent Jesus into the world to die so our sins can be forgiven and the Holy Spirit can dwell in us to empower us to make right choices.

The effects of evil are temporal. No one has to suffer forever unless he so chooses.

God takes even the evil in our lives and works it together for good if we choose to love Him.

You are not forced to love God and have a relationship with Him. But will you choose to?

~Elizabeth Lapp

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