Tribute to the Single Lady

Wed, 09/26/2012 - 11:50 -- Joyce Long

There’s a special kind of woman, placed the world around;
In every town, city, or church she will be found.
Men in their blindness have passed her up.
But God is well able to fill her tin cup.
She’s free from the care of husband and child
Wet diapers and runny noses don’t drive her wild.
If supper’s not on the table at half past six
Hubby doesn’t come in the house all out of fix.
She can eat when she pleases, whatever she wishes,
She can serve it in pots or the best china dishes.
Her bathroom’s not occupied unless she is in it.
The phone’s not tied up when she needs it next minute.
She can sleep in if she chooses on her day off
She’s not awakened by a child’s cough.
When you haven’t seen her for a week or two
She’s on another trip and it’s not to the zoo.
The married woman looks at her freedom with an envious eye
While she attacks piles of laundry made by small fry.
But her life’s not all roses, nobody’s will be
Sometimes loneliness is absolute misery.
Who loves me anyway, what difference do I make?
What? When I get old, who cares when I ache?
Who fixes her roof, puts salt on the ice
Shovels the snow and kills the mice?
Who cleans the windows and pays the rent
Washes the car and fixes the dent?
Who mows the lawn and pulls the weeds
Sweeps the driveway and plants the seeds?
She does, of course, who else would?
Maybe sometimes you and your husband should.
And the names we give her are uncalled for too-
She’s a lovely lady just like you.
Not a spinster, old maid, or left-over blessing
To her we may need to do some confessing.
She takes time to visit, lends a listening ear
Gives attention to little folk and the aged so dear.
She bakes a fresh pie and takes it next door,
Never considers kindness a chore.
She works at a job from seven to three
But still finds time for you and me.
She remembers birthdays with a card and a note
Takes nieces and nephews for an ice cream float.
Praise is quite scarce, but she keeps doing good
Have you encouraged her the way that you should?
When life is all over and the trumpet will sound
At God’s throne we’ll gather around.
The rewards will be given to each child of the king
And the single lady won’t miss out on a thing.

~Elizabeth Lapp

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