His Very Presence

Mon, 10/14/2013 - 10:18 -- Joyce Long

~Donna Kauffman

Since 2003, with this fresh new awakening of the Father’s presence in my life, I’ve endeavored
to speak the truth of His constant nearness into the lives of my daughters and grandchildren. Frequently I remind my grandchildren, “Jesus is right beside you, you are never alone.” The
Scripture says,

“Teaching them to your children with all care, talking of them when you are at rest in your house or walking by the way, when you go to sleep and when you get up. (Deuteronomy 6:7 BBE).”


I was so encouraged when my youngest daughter, Christa, told me this little story: As a young mother of four toddlers, Christa often despaired that she did all this rushing and hassling to finish the meal and get it to the table at dinner time. This particular evening was no different except that she had made a beautiful chocolate cherry cake. Christa had secret hopes that this would make up for the rushing impatience she sometimes showed. As Christa sped from the kitchen counter to the dining room table, lush cake in hand, she didn’t notice baby Dylan’s toy truck in her path. You can guess that her foot landed smack on that truck. And she was off— on a hasty slide across the floor. The cake flew from her hands and splattered several feet ahead of her while she crashed to the floor. Christa flopped her head into her hands and was ready to bawl. Suddenly from the living room, two year-old Alyssa burst into an uproarious giggle. “Mommy,” she said, “that was sooo funny, and… Jesus was right beside you!” The two, mommy and daughter, finished the episode in a round of hysterical laughter rather than fuming tears.
You can know that I was thrilled that Alyssa, at two years old, was learning about the Father’s
presence. I rejoiced that she was able to speak this truth into her mommy’s heart at just the
time she needed it.

Little Aleya, at three, was playing with her dolly. As she nestled her baby to rest, her mommy
overheard her coo, “God is with you, baby, do not be afraid, you are safe here.” Kassie was four when she and her brother, Kyle, took their bikes across the field from my house to the long Amish lane. The two loved to ride bikes on this buggy-worn trail. Minutes later Kassie came huffing into the house. “Grandma,” she fretted, clearly out of breath and angry, “Kyle left me over at the lane by myself. I had to come across the field alone.” “Oo, Kassie,” I empathized.
“I was scared,” she nearly shouted. As she quieted down, she finished by saying, “’I kept
telling myself, ‘Jesus is right beside me, Jesus is right beside me.’”

His Presence throughout the Word

The promise of the Father’s presence is spread throughout the entire Bible and you and I can
be certain it is truth. Many times as we live life on this earthly planet we learn to believe untruths.Those mis-beliefs need to be replaced with truth. Truth from the words of Jesus Himself:

“Abide in me, and I in you
(John 15:4 KJV).”
“My unfailing love surrounds you. It’s above, around, beneath, beside you
(Psalm 32:10, 11 Paraphrased).”

Notice as you study the scriptures how personal our Father God is. Mine, My, His own, you, daughters, sons, he, she. He doesn’t call you and me “its.” No, we are His favored ones. He’s
very personal. He’s very intimate. He longs for us to enjoy His very presence.

To Ponder

The Father longs to paint a picture of Him comforting you in your pain. Can you, at this moment,
open your mind’s eye, and visualize Jesus sitting right by your side, right where you’re at?
He’s nestled beside you, just enjoying your presence. Maybe you can see Him watching, delighting in you as you read. I invite you to look into His eyes as He gives you a fresh new understanding of this amazing truth of His ever-abiding presence. He’s right there by your side.

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