Great is the Lord

Tue, 10/22/2013 - 11:09 -- Joyce Long

~by Joyce Long

“Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised;
And His greatness is unsearchable.
One generation shall praise your works to another,
And shall declare Your mighty acts.
Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom,
And Your dominion endures throughout all generations.”
Psalm 145:3-4, 13

When life is tough and everything seems to go wrong, it’s easy to release the valve on my pressure cooker to anyone who will listen to me whistle.

Take the challenge with me; Praise the LORD instead of producing steam. Stop dwelling on what went wrong, find the good, and praise the LORD! Our family needs to hear us talk of God’s goodness and not our woes.

If you’re exhausted, praise God, His strength is perfect. Remind yourself, it was His providence that your tire went flat in the garage and not mall parking lot. It was the spilt milk that gave you a clean kitchen floor. The laundry was a mound, but each piece brought a prayer for the one who will wear it. Look for God and turn tonight’s table talk toward Him. God is good. Declare his goodness to your children.

Great is the LORD and greatly to be praised!

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