From Fear to His Hand

Tue, 10/16/2012 - 12:37 -- Joyce Long

Death Scenario
Some time ago, Bob and I faced the deaths of seven of our friends within a three month period. I’ve never coped with death extremely well and with so many in succession, my night times felt somber and frightening. It felt like death prevailed. My mind swirled with thoughts about who might be next. What if it is __________? How would I survive? I knew the whirlwind of unhealthy thoughts needed to be brought into the presence of the Father.

His Hand
As I lay many nights seeking the Father for rest, I would sense Him giving me a picture. I could see His warm, all-capable hand taking my feeble shaky one. He encircled His all around mine. I would fall asleep with my hand in His. He so tenderly brought this verse to my heart.

“My dear daughter, Donna,
I’m your God,
I’ll take hold of your hand and
say to you, daughter,
don’t be afraid, I will help you
(Isaiah 41:13 Paraphrased).”

I reflected on how often my own little girls experienced fear in the dark of night. I would fix them a little nest on the floor next to my bed, hang my arm over the edge of the bed, and hold their tiny hand until my arm was numb. Far more, ladies, than you and I can ever care for our daughters, does our heavenly Father firmly and warmly adore us.

As I look at my relationship with and compassion for my daughters—I learn that the loving character of our Father doesn’t jerk us around. He doesn’t holler or shout for us to stop sinning, stop worrying, and get to sleep. He doesn’t tell us we’re bad girls. No, He holds our hand, ladies, just as we do our daughters.

Our Father says,
“My beloved daughter,
if your daughter is hungry,
will you give her stones for lunch?
Or if she wants an egg,
will you offer her a spider?
If you, my daughter, who are fleshly,
know how to give good things
to your daughters,
how much more shall I,
your loving heavenly Father,
give good things,
even the Holy Spirit, My comforter,
to you
(Hebrews 11:11-13 Paraphrased)?”

To Ponder
Could you open your heart and ask the Father for a healing picture. Can you see Him take your hand in His, and gently hold it. As you sit quietly in this position for a few moments, allow His passionate love to wash away each fear.

~Donna Kauffman

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