The Divine Dishwasher

Mon, 10/28/2013 - 10:59 -- Joyce Long

~by Hope Byler

“We did the dishes for you,”
her upturned three-year-old face
beamed with the joy
of my surprise.
I gathered the two little girls
into a warm hug.
How could they know
how a rack of
still-soapy dishes,
with lingering traces of food
still clinging to them,
could brighten the day
for this weary mom.
I knew
I’d end up checking over
the stack of dishes
at some quiet moment later,
when they were otherwise occupied.
But their glow lingered
in my heart.
Their initiative gave me opportunity
to encourage them
that in their own beautiful way
they were serving JESUS
by serving Mommy.
it was really You,
wasn’t it –
You planted that idea
in their little minds.
It’s just like You.
Thanks for doing my dishes.”

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