Call Me Daddy

Fri, 11/08/2013 - 11:11 -- Joyce Long

~by Donna Kauffman

I find it glorious that He longs to adopt us as His child.

“Having predestined us to
adoption as sons
by Jesus Christ to Himself,
according to the
good pleasure of His will
(Ephesians 1:5 NKJV).”

Yes, the heavenly Father has adopted you and me as His daughters, because He wanted to! And we have all the blessed joys of Him being our Daddy as my daughter's adopted children
have in their home. The Father says,

“To redeem (to not waste our sorrows)
you, My dear daughter, Donna,
who was under the law,
that you can receive the
adoption as My daughter!
And you can call Me Daddy
(Galatians 4:5,6S Paraphrased).”

Allowing this truth to penetrate my entire being just thrills me. He sent his Son’s spirit into our
hearts and invites us to call Him our Father God, Jesus’ Father—Daddy. We are of great value to our Father God.

Not a Slave

Continuing on in Galatians,
“Wherefore you are no more
a servant, Donna,
but a daughter; and if a daughter,
than an heir of God through Christ
(Galatians 4:7 Paraphrased).”

Wow, this is our position in Jesus. In our Father— we are no longer a servant, we are a son!
A daughter! Just as my adopted grandchildren are—loved, cherished, cared for, celebrated, nurtured, cuddled, calling their father—Daddy. No, we’re no longer a servant or a slave to the
Father just as Aleya, Jayden, Jackson are not slaves in their home. No, they are sons and daughters! Adored sons and daughters! You know, it was a long time that I lived as a
servant and a slave for my Father—I knew little other than as if I was living under a harsh task
master. I visualized Him lamenting desperately over my failings. I lived believing He was greatly
disappointed in my lack of victory.

Cherishes Us

My son-in-law dearly cherishes his adopted children. I don’t see him sighing exasperatingly
at each tiny error, responding in grave dissatisfaction at their imperfections. No, I don’t. A
case worker once told Glen that he reminds her of the biggest, gentlest teddy bear on earth.
Our Father’s love extensively exceeds the kindest, most tender earthly father that we can fathom. His delight over us is radically beyond Glen’s thrill over his children. If He does need to reprimand us, it is through such tender love that it woos us to Himself. He doesn’t shove us away. We may choose to retreat, but the Father does not push us there. He is immeasurably more doting and tender than my son-in-law is to his adopted children. In our family we have learned in a profound way what it means that Christ has adopted us. It’s with immense warmth and vast rejoicing over us.

“I have created you for My glory,
I have formed you, My daughter;
I have made you
(Isaiah 43:7 Paraphrased).”

To Ponder

How about nestling in right where you’re sitting, and imagining the exhilaration Rachel and Glen felt as they reached out their hands and snuggled their new adopted baby to their breast. When my daughters hand to me their newborn babies for the very first time, immediately I nestle that baby close to myself.
Can you open your heart and allow the Father to imprint a healing picture of Him drawing you close to His breast? Just rest there. As He soothes your brow, listen to Him tell you,

“My beloved daughter (your name)______________, I am your Shepherd, you’ll never have to want again (Psalm 23:1 Paraphrased).” “And because you are My daughter, I have sent the spirit of My Son into your heart, crying Daddy, Father (Please call me Daddy) (Galatians 4:6 Paraphrased).”

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