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When my daughter and her husband received each of their adopted children, we were ecstatic. My daughter, Rachel, and son-in-law, Glen, were married six years. They had traveled theroute of infertility with great searching and sorrow. At long last they felt the call to adopt a child. Signing on with an agency gave great hope—hope for a child to fill their home and hearts within nine months.

Behold, after a few months of desperate waiting, praying and wondering, Rachel conceived. Well, I must tell you that this provided a new twist to their journey. In October 2000, Sierra Janae was born. What unspeakable joy.

Failed Adoptions
Over the next three years Rachel and Glen experienced a roller coaster of soaring hopes and dashed dreams as one by one adoption possibilities failed. Now, the pleasure of Sierra in their home did lighten the sorrow of waiting,n but did not lessen the call they felt on their hearts for adoption.

After many disappointments, much soul searching and learning greater submission to the Father, Glen and Rachel were matched, once again, with a birth mother. Early one fall Saturday morning, Amy, the baby’s birth mother, phoned to say she was on her way to the hospital.

Racing through the next hour, the little family packed their bags and began their long journey toward their baby. I was invited to fly from the airport near my home to meet them enroute so I could watch Sierra as needed. They met me at an airport along the way and the four of us traveled on to the hospital, arriving about ll:30 P.M. What indescribable thrill when we were handed little Aleya Nicole, just six hours old. Rachel and Glen’s first adopted daughter!

The following two days were filled with great turmoil for Glens and the birth mother. It was during a weekend and the hospital staff were not cooperative with the adoption process. After hours of troubled effort to spend time with Aleya, we left Sunday evening with headaches, exhaustion and hunger to get a bite to eat.

Concerned and uneasy, we drove back to the hospital wondering just what might be in store. Would we be able to spend time with Aleya yet that evening or not?

The Rainbow
As we drove into the hospital parking lot, there arched completely over the hospital in a monumental display of color shone the brightest rainbow we ever remembered enjoying. Our hearts glowed with a message straight from the Father. We sensed again the closeness of His presence—that He was with us through this long, tedious process. We felt the sunshine of His blessing covering us as we looked into the bright eyes of this tiny baby and cuddled her close to our breast. His rainbow seemed to wrap over us His incredible pleasure that was immeasurably greater than even our joy over our little adopted Aleya.

In July, 2005, Aleya was twenty-two-months old. It was a late Saturday evening when Rachel received a phone call from their adoption agency. Deanne was saying they had a three and a half week old baby boy to add to Rachel and Glen’s family. Could they leave in the morning to come to receive their new son?

A few days prior to this phone call, Rachel and the two girls had traveled from their home in Virginia to be with us for a week in Ohio. Glen was recording with his singing group, Voice of Praise, in Virginia. After many phone calls, at last reaching Glen, frantic packing and a sleepless night, Rachel flew from Ohio and Glen from Virginia early the next morning. They met in Atlanta and traveled the last leg of the journey together.

With unbelievable elation Glen and Rachel met their little Jayden Robert Santello, his mother and the caseworker at 5:30 Sunday evening. The thrill over their new adopted son was exhilerating.

Another Rainbow
As Glen and Rachel drove away from their place of meeting, stretched across the sky blazed another brilliant, shimmering rainbow.

Double Rainbow
Rachel phoned me quickly from her cell phone to report the rainbow. As we marveled once again at the Father revealing His presence and blessing over little Jayden’s adoption into our hearts and home, Rachel exclaimed, “Oh, Mom the rainbow is double!”

All evening and the next day I pondered the double rainbow. Did it mean we were going to need double grace, double blessing, double strength or just what?

Early in the morning, two days later, Glen’s awoke in their motel room to a phone message from the case worker. Fear welled up in Rachel’s heart that Jayden’s mother might have changed her mind. How can I let this baby go? She fretted nervously.

But the caseworker said, “Rachel, we have another baby, born just this morning. Would you consider taking a second baby?” Ohhhh… Glen and Rachel phoned Bob and I for counsel. I listened as Rachel wistfully, somberly said, “You know I’ve always dreamed of twins, Mom. Do you think this is the Father’s answer to that dream?”

Certainly none of Glen and Rachel’s counselors suggested they ought to turn this baby away. At our house we were completely ecstatic—I mean elated beyond words—at yet another adopted baby. With little Jayden in his carseat, Glen and Rachel traveled three hours to yet another hospital, and 7 pound Jackson Milo Tyquan was placed into their arms.

And we knew in our hearts the meaning of the double rainbow.

Ladies, can you catch a little glimpse of the thrill the Father has over us, His adopted daughters? His delight and ecstasy about you and me is extremely more than the marvel we knew when we hovered lovingly over our newly adopted children. The Father had manifested His delight at the adoption of these three children into Glen and Rachel’s home with His rainbow of promise. And deep, deep in our souls we knew our Father God looked upon these children with a thrill that we knew nothing of. And enjoy these little ones we do. Rachel sends pictures to me regularly…

I study them.
I laugh out loud.
I smile.
I see twinkles in their expressions.
I marvel at the wonder in their faces.
I watch each of their personalities bursting forth.
I pray for them.
I cry to the Father for their eternal souls.
My whole heart is a surge of delight, joy,
amusement over these my adopted grandchildren.
Our Father’s thrill and pleasure over us, His
adopted daughters, is far beyond that. His ability
to love us is exceedingly vast in comparison
to the capacity Glen and Rachel have to cherish
their precious adopted children.

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